4 Signs You’re Studying the Wrong Subject

To choose the right profession, career, university is not as easy as it can seem. This choice is one of the most important things during one`s life. You should choose something that you like and that brings you satisfaction. If you are not pleased with your lectures and classes at the university and further at your work, you can be a happy person then. Remember, that you always have an opportunity to change your field of study. It is better to reveal the irregularity of your choice at young ages not to suffer in the future. If you continue to study in a sphere you are not obviously interested in can be the biggest mistake in your lifetime. You will only waste your time, become angry and not satisfied with your life.

To prevent you mistake, we have prepared some signs that can point that you have chosen the wrong subject to study. So, let`s start!

Uninteresting conversations

If you have nothing to say about your subject and your study, you should think about the correctness of your choice. Your friends and colleagues can talk on different professional topics. If you are not interested in such conversations, it does mean something. Your friends can discuss an important issue or exam questions, even complain about some teachers and professors. If you really have no words on your lips to say, you have made an error in choice of your subject. If you have sat on the wrong bus, will you go to an unknown place or get out of it to reach your final destination? Do your choice!

You are not interested in your lectures

You try to come to each of the lecture. You try to listen. You do your best to achieve something and to show that your interest, but something goes wrong all the time. You are sitting try to perceive each professor`s word. You hear, but you don`t listen to. His/her words, sentences, word combinations make any sense for you. You are not interested in this subject, in all the words that come out of professor`s mouth. You just act like you are listening to and think about some other things. This information is not actually registered in your head. If this is about you, change your subject immediately.

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A long struggling process with papers

It is not a surprise that each student doesn`t like essay writing or any other assignments at all. But, sometimes if a topic of a required paper is interesting for you, it is not a big deal to complete it properly. It brings you an academic satisfaction at least to some extent. If you just can not get on well with your writing assignment, if it seems you to be the most difficult and impossible thing ever, you just have to change your course. If you can`t force yourself to do even something concerning your required paper, it is really not your subject. (Read also: How to Apply for a Master in Management)


If you are not pleased with your study, you are nervous and in a bad mood. If you are in a bad mood, you are not pleased with your life. If you feel your study doesn`t bring you any satisfaction and you are not happy with your subjects, you are on the wrong territory. If your lectures don’t burn your curiosity, but only make you upset, it also means that you study the wrong subject. If you are not pleased with a sphere you have chosen to study, it will surely reflect on other aspects of your life. Don’t spoil your life by one incorrect choice!

So, there were some signs that you are studying the wrong subject. Everything is in your hands. Always do what you like and like what you do!