6 Reasons the US is the #1 Study Abroad Choice

A lot of students from all over the world have a dream to get a place in one of the USA university. And, I absolutely understand their choice. Of course, the United States offers you a lot of interesting opportunities and experiences. But, the main in advantage being one of the best student city in the world, is the number of excellent education establishments.

America is a home of not less than 150 universities. I can not to mention here that all of them are world – famous and world – leading. Among the most popular are Harvard, Yale, Sanford, Caltech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology etc. All these universities provides all students with effective and qualified knowledge in this or that sphere. All the lecturers and professors are worthy to teach students at this world – leading universities!

1. Job opportunities

If you have graduated from one of the university in the United States, you have a lot of chances to stay here and to find a good and well – paid job according to your professional competence. You know that the USA is a developed country with a lot of favorable opportunities. It will be easier for you to find a job, especially in case you have been studying, studying hard and writing term papers in some of the local universities here. The US degree or diploma gives you a lot of cunny prospects really!

2. An opportunity to choose

Unlike in other countries, the United States offers multi – disciplinary approach to education. It means, that you will not be specialized in one particular subject or sphere, you are able to choose those subjects to explore you want. You can be very choose here, as all universities in the US offer an enormous variety of classes and spheres, so that everybody can find something that will surely satisfy his/her tastes, preferences and ambitions. It is aimed at each student self – development, going beyond the borders of a certain set schedule and curriculum. It can help students, who are still not sure which profession they should choose. It also a valuable experience for those, who just like discovering and trying something new.

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3. Campus life

In my eyes, everybody has already hears, at least for one time, about American campuses or dorms for students. They are places where students live. They are usually situated on suburbs. A lot of games, competitions, parties are held there. You will not be bored with your campus life, trust me!

4. You will find something pleasant for yourself

There are a lot of university in the United States. Their variety is really very huge and you will surely find something that you like the most. More universities and faculties, more chances to find the right path for your life. Different universities, different approaches to the education process. From this big variety of subjects and spheres, you will find yourself in a one that you like the most. For example, if you keen on engineering, MIT or Caltech are waiting for you!

5. Research opportunities

If you are studying in America, you automatically get a lot of opportunities to held different researches and so on. American universities have an allowance to patent and commercialize inventions. Sound great, doesn`t it? All US universities are up-to-date and innovate to show you everything in practice. It is very important and valuable experience in any case.

6. Amazing diversity

If you are in American student campus, be ready to meet a lot of new interesting people from all over the world. As it was already mentioned, the USA is a dream for a lot of students of different nationalities and from different countries. You have a great opportunity to live, study and communicate with various people, share and found something interesting about their culture, traditions. You will always feel their support at campus and feel like at home. It will also broaden your outlook and enrich your cultural mirror.
Hope, these facts will inspire you to do the right choice! Welcome!