7 things you need to know about before studying in India

If you chose to study in India, you must be really exciting ahead there and meet your new classmates. You have probably learned some Hindu language, packed some decent clothes (because as you know wearing a short skirt if you are a girl is not appropriate here), and have written the list of foods you can buy and cook while studying there.

However, we found more interesting information to provide you in order to prepare you for a new experience. Check on 7 details about India we picked for you.

  1. Culture, traditions, languages

You will be really surprised when meeting people in India. You think they have one official language? Not! There are more than 20 languages, so if you have a friend who speaks one, your other new friend may surprise you! Also, you will have a chance to learn different cultures and broaden your mind. So, the advice is – don’t get stuck with one idea, otherwise, you will be frustrated with the Indian diversity.

  1. Dress reasonably

As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, Indian culture doesn’t accept dressing like in Europe. You can wear things that you like, but you will likely to be judged. Respect the culture and dress moderately. The style here is conservative, that’s why it’s best to choose simple clothes that won’t attract much attention.

  1. Get used to local traditions

If you want to learn about India and feel comfortable here, you should try relating to its traditions. Don’t anticipate anything and be opened towards a totally different culture. You may experience a huge shock when seeing people eating with hands, but you should experience India as it is.

  1. India is not what you think of!

If you used to imagine India is a desert with snakes, monkeys on trees, and old-fashioned people, is not like this nowadays. India is a fast-progressing country with a great infrastructure. You will have a chance to see amazing contemporary buildings that will take your breath away. Also, studying in India will help you to stay in the country and start a great career. There are numerous opportunities in the technology sector.

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  1. Get used to the idea “you are a foreigner – you are different”

If you have traveled to India before, you must know how much Indians like to stare and watch you. If you go to India for the first time, be prepared to the idea that you look different and that local will show you a lot of attention. If you don’t like being watched, India is not for you, or you will have to relate to it. But you shouldn’t take it as an offence. Indians are extremely helpful and kind people!

  1. Be patient!

India is a huge country, and the population here reaches over one billion. So, you can imagine how much traffic here is. Long queues and crowded transport are OKAY here. In the beginning of your studying here, you may find it wild, but you will get used to it after a few months.

  1. Visit wonderful sightseeing

One of the world’s wonders Taj Mahal is in Agra which is 2 hours on a train from the capital Delhi. You can’t miss visiting this amazing place. But it is not the end. Go to Mumbai and get to see Bollywood stars, travel to Goa to sunbathe and swim, and finally, visit temples to learn about the religion.

Seems like, your studying is only a small part of the whole unforgettable experience!