8 amazing facts about South Africa

What do you know about South Africa? Apart from being a great historical, cultural, and archaeological place, South Africa is a wonderful place for studying. Entering one of the universities in South Africa you will be able to get a decent education and necessary experience for your future career. Also, your study years will be mixed with exciting meetings, discovering sightseeing, and learning about the country.


We offer you to look at 8 fascinating facts about South Africa before you move there for studying!

  • Say “lekker” if you like something

Remember this simple word and add it to your new-words-arsenal. Say it when you mean something is nice and you like it. Once you use the word, you will become local. With time, you will learn many more specific words that will help you to go on well with local students.

  • Contemporary look

If you think that South Africa is far from a modern place, you are wrong. You will be surprised how contemporary it looks. However, this point of the globe is famous for its natural geography. The rivers, mountains, and animals here are wonderful. You have probably heard that people all over the world come here for Safari, so if you have a chance, connect with nature and hear lions roaring.  There are 11 official languages here, so be open to any new word you hear from your classmates, easily you can learn to write ideal essays with bang-up ideas foreign culture.

  • African time

While studying in South Africa, you must acclimatize to the local time. It means that you will have to learn to be patient. People here have a different lifestyle, therefore, it doesn’t move as quickly as in Europe. Maybe, you will even like moving slower and take your time here.

  • Gaining weight
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Yes, South African cuisine will help you to put on weight. If you come to study here from Europe, you will find it very cheap to buy food and even eat out.  So, if you care about your body shape and want to be fit, watch what you eat!

  • Do you play rugby?

Rugby is a sport number one here. If you are good at sport, don’t miss a great opportunity to learn to play rugby with local. But, never mention New Zealand – this is their sport enemy!

  • Leave shoes at home

No, you better take your shoes, but you can feel free to leave your shoes and move around your university campus bare foot. Isn’t it nice? Students here are definitely more connected to the Mother Nature than back home…

  • Metric measurements

Here, in South Africa people use the metric system for exaggeration. If you know measurements in pounds, it is best to learn a new system; otherwise, you risk being misunderstood. If you can’t remember it by heart, write down the ratio of pounds and kilograms and keep the paper when you need to buy something in the shop which needs exaggeration explanation.

  • Practice catching  a taxi

You think catching a taxi is the same everywhere in the world? Apparently not! Only those South Africans are lucky when it comes to catching a taxi that can be good actors. What does it mean? For example, you can pretend you are fainting or feel extremely bad. Then, the taxi will surely stop by your side!

We are sure you have found a lot of surprising things about South part of Africa. Hopefully, you will discover much more wonders of this beautiful place while studying there.