Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I currently serve on the National Faculty for the Buck Institute for Education and ASCD. I am also blogger, and author of Write-my-essay.us education blog. Have a bachelor in Instructional Design, traveling nationally, training educators and presenting at conferences around my areas of expertise. I love working with my students and coming up with exciting new projects. I am also the educational consultant, regarded as a motivational speaker in the education figures circles. I provide consulting and professional development in the areas of behavior management, student motivation and teacher satisfaction. In addition, I also love travelling and meet new people around the World. The are so many notable places around ! See you soon at our blog!

Lack of Time and Low Concentration

The diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity of children and teens occurs more and more often. A child with this syndrome is very impulsive, experiences difficulties with focusing, can’t sit calmly. A so-called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is, usually, perceived as something unimportant as far as it has nothing top do with physical pain.… Read more Lack of Time and Low Concentration

What is a Dissertation?

A lot of students get in trouble with their dissertation writing tasks. Is it really so difficult? Can everyone complete this paper on his/her own? We are here to answer all possible questions about it. First of all, let`s bring to light what a dissertation is. Dissertation is the most important paper you will have… Read more What is a Dissertation?