Great students’ applications to improve your life and safety

Knowing that you are safe and feeling healthy are most significant things in our life. When at university, special services support you and are willing to help immediately if needed. However, what about safety when you leave the university and walk home, go to work on your custom-essay, and doing other activities outside the classroom? Here we gathered the best student applications to feel safe, healthy, and fit!

Top Safety Applications

  • Sleep Time – Seems impossible to get off the bed in the morning, then this brilliant app is for you. The program analyses your sleep behaviour and picks the best hour for you to wake up. Use iTunes to pick your favourite song, so you will definitely hear it and jump up!

  • – Get this app and know everything about medications. If you need to buy a pill, type its name and read about it first. Send your questions and get answers about the drugs online.

  • AlcoDroid – If you like going out with friends and take a couple of drinks, it’s best to know what a suitable dosage of alcohol for you is. The applications will give you advice how to avoid drinking habits.
  • iTriage – If you don’t feel 100%, use the application to describe how you feel and find the answer. The program will define the health problem and recommend the remedies. With it, you will surely learn more about your health.
  • Glow - You have probably heard what people say about pregnant women – Their faces are glowing! This app will help girls to check the menstrual period to know when to expect “the day” and not be unexpectedly surprised. Also, if you take contraception pills, the app will remind you when to take the next. Get online support and ask questions while using the app.
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  • All I Can Eat – For people who have food allergies, this application will check meals and tell what food you can and can’t eat, and what type of meals is best not to mix with drinks.
  • Watch Over Me – the best application will watch over you for a certain time and inform that you are safe. In case you are in danger, shake your phone and report the emergency.

Fitness Applications

If you feel a bit overweight but can’t find the strength to go for a run, check on the next apps that will help you look feel fit, strong and look stunning.

  • 7 Minute Workout – If you have a busy student life, this app is for someone like you. Find a perfect 7-minute workout plan, follow it, and stay in a perfect shape!
  • Nike + Training Club – Students call it a personal trainer, so if you are looking for one, get the app. There are more than a hundred workout plans you can choose from. Don’t forget to share your progress on any social network.

Health and Food Applications

And of course healthy eating habits…

  • Food Planer – Search for healthy recipes and plan your meals for the next day.
  • Fooducate –Trying to lose weight, then Fooducate will assist you. The app will tell you what meals have low calories and what ingredients won’t help you to stay in a nice shape. Track you food intake and exercises to see if you are reducing weight.

Hopefully, from now you will have some good friends – apps that will give you tips how to stay safe, feel strong and healthy.