Spend a great Christmas on a student budget

How to have an unforgettable party on a student budget?

Christmas is always a great time to spend money but when you are a student it’s important to survive this period without huge debts in January. So, here are our 6 brilliant tips that will help you to have a wonderful party without turning your pockets inside out:

  • Move past expensive shops

Make sure you do not get caught in the headlights of the expensive shop windows; this is how the shops invite most of their customers with their very beautiful window displays. But being a student its essential you do not fall for this. You can always get great deals online for the same products which will cost you half the price. Always do your research before parting with your cash.

  • Choose budget restaurants

Eating out at this time of year is very common with lots of invites for dinner at restaurants you must stay focused and enjoy yourself but do not be silly with your money as you will pay later. When you get an invite why not recommend they come over to yours for dinner and everyone bring the food they would like. Then everyone is happy and it will be a lot cheaper.

If you meet friends out at a restaurant go to a place with a voucher. Groupon has plenty of choices for half price dinners for groups. Remember the drinks are what hike the prices up more than anything. Before the meal, discuss the way you will pay. Make sure your all on the same wavelength, and you will pay for what you eat and not split the bill 4 ways.

  • Why not stay at home?

Christmas is always an expensive time to travel so if you want to fly away, book in advance and only travel if you really need to. Even travelling locally can be expensive as the crowds are at their biggest this time of year. My advice is to spend your time at home with a blanket and a good film and some mince pies.

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  • Student IDs

Use your student cards - this is a great way to save your money. Buy gifts using your student cards and you can save 10-20% . You can look online and do your research regarding the shops which give you a discount as a student, and plan your shopping around them shops. There are also discounts for those, who keep on studying or practice in term paper writing.

  • Hand-made Christmas jumper

Rather than buying a brand new Christmas jumper, check out the charity shops and if you still can’t find one then try making one yourself. You can really get creative with your very own jumper! Make your way with buttons you choose and all kinds of accessories. So why to go to a party with a Christmas jumper someone could be wearing, when you can have a unique one off jumper and some extra cash in your back pocket.

  • Organize a gift exchange

Secret Santa is a great way to save money. Everyone will enjoy the surprise of a secret Santa guaranteed. Organize your Secret Santa online with a free generator which will leave you buying a few gifts rather that each for everyone. Keep the gifts limit down so you will not have to spend too much. Keep presents small and simple. Also, good gifts for roommates and classmates are cups or pens with prints of your time studying together.

Hopefully, you will have an amazing Christmas this year!